Monday, June 2, 2014

3 mini lidded vessels

For the three lidded vessel pieces I learned a lot about working with clay and fitting pieces together. The overall pieces weren't as good as I would've liked them to be but I did learn a lot about what to do and what not to do with clay. 
Before and during my project  I asked my peers for ideas and feedback for my project. My peers helped me as I worked on the different lids and helping me understand how to mold them. With this i would say im a level 3, where i actively collaborate during my work.  

All throughout my project i stepped back and looked at my work to see what i could add and fix. I didnt test ideas before trying them on my final pieces to make sure the ideas would work before i completed the project which I wish I would've done. However, I do wish I would have worked in a different order to complete the project. With this, i believe i am at a level 3 where i can identify the strengths and weaknesses of my project

Illustration Friday


Lidded vessel

For the lided vessel I did a type of vessel that I was familiar with, which was doing a box like vessel. I had trouble doing the different types of lids when I was doing the mini vessels so I did the type of kid that I was most familiar with. Due to running out of time I rushed my work and it didn't turn out as nice as I wanted. Overall this piece reflected my whole year of art in the sense that often work really fast and run into challenges. I learned a lot from this class and learned how to overcome challenges. 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Sculpture Artist

I enjoyed learning about Jessica Harrison and her art work of putting a spin on something very traditional. Jessica Harrison is a Scotland-based artist who studied he relationship between interior and exterior spaces of the body, an area of study that is directly reflected in her artwork. The artists' use of tattoos on her work really interested me because I have always loved tattoos and have always appreciated them as a body-art form. Recently having gotten a tattoo I enjoy them even more and love seeing other peoples tattoos as it reflects them in their own way. Her depiction of offering a new way of seeing the body despite the traditional view of a woman also depicts the changes from history in how women are viewed today in comparison to how they were viewed in the past. This also depicts how tattoos are now viewed differently than they may have been in the past as they have become more of a "norm".
Tattooed Porcelain Figures by Jessica Harrison tattoos sculpture porcelain

Tattooed Porcelain Figures by Jessica Harrison tattoos sculpture porcelain

Wearable Art

For this project I used my favorite childhood book as inspiration as i tried to depict the story through my work. Using Rainbow Fish as inspiration I tried to create the story of Rainbow Fish sharing his scales with the other fish by creating a necklace. Creating a necklace was something that I had never done before, however I did use the medium of clay that i was familiar with. With this, id say im at a level 2 as an artist  takes limited where the outcome is somewhat predictable. While working on this project I asked for a lot of feedback on how to create the pieces to where they could be used on a necklace, as well as asking my classmates to help me generate ideas on how to depict the story through the necklace by using fish and the different colors of paints on the fish. With this, I believe I am at a level 3 as an artist who collaborates actively. Although I have not finished this project i enjoyed the theme of this project and getting to depict my favorite childhood story memory through art. 


For my relief project, I decided to combine two different techniques i have never worked with before. I decided to combine the two by putting the clay relief into the book relief I created. I created this idea from pinterest as I saw different ways to carve out books and different techniques using clay relief. With these ideas I decided to create something that could bring a story to life so I used the story from the movie Up.With this I believe I am a level 2 - An attempt has been made to use original ideas that is somewhat unsuccessful, low level changes are made. I used original ideas but due to the fact I had never used certain techniques and there was no previous work done like my project that i could go off of, I ran into some problems. Throughout my project I often asked my classmates for feedback for things i could add to accomplish the idea I was going for. Ms. Sudkamp as well as my table mates helped me understand certain things that could be added like texture and how to carve the book like i wanted to achieve the "holder" idea i was trying to make. With this, I would say I am at a level 3 as an artist who collaborates actively. Overall i enjoyed creating this project getting to use different mediums and ideas.  


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sticky Situation: Paint

For the "Sticky Situation" project using acrylic paint, I decided to depict the situation of making S'mores. For this project I decided to use a technique that I was more familiar with by using acrylic paint instead of water color. However, I have had very little experience with mixing colors and adding values with paints. Working on the wood piece for the background helped me learn the new technique of blending different values of colors to achieve the look I wanted for the background. For this section I believe I am at a level 2 where my outcome is somewhat predictable for my piece.
Some challenges that occurred when I was working on my piece were having to duplicate a color I had previously used in my piece, i would make different hues of the color and blend them to achieve different values within the piece. The placement of the graham crackers and marshmallows and other items used to make smores were not exactly placed as I had planned they were going to be, so I had to alter the rest of my piece overall. With this, I believe I am at a level 2 that I can solve problems with help as I did when I had trouble making certain colors for my piece.
While I was working I definitely asked my table members for feedback and advice about my piece. With advice about coloring and placement of items and adding certain details to my piece, I was able to achieve the look I was going for. With this, I believe I am at a level 3 where I work collaboratively.
Overall I enjoyed paintings and learning different techniques and experimenting with mixing colors and this project has definitely inspired me to do more paining outside of school.