Thursday, May 15, 2014

Wearable Art

For this project I used my favorite childhood book as inspiration as i tried to depict the story through my work. Using Rainbow Fish as inspiration I tried to create the story of Rainbow Fish sharing his scales with the other fish by creating a necklace. Creating a necklace was something that I had never done before, however I did use the medium of clay that i was familiar with. With this, id say im at a level 2 as an artist  takes limited where the outcome is somewhat predictable. While working on this project I asked for a lot of feedback on how to create the pieces to where they could be used on a necklace, as well as asking my classmates to help me generate ideas on how to depict the story through the necklace by using fish and the different colors of paints on the fish. With this, I believe I am at a level 3 as an artist who collaborates actively. Although I have not finished this project i enjoyed the theme of this project and getting to depict my favorite childhood story memory through art. 

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