Thursday, May 15, 2014


For my relief project, I decided to combine two different techniques i have never worked with before. I decided to combine the two by putting the clay relief into the book relief I created. I created this idea from pinterest as I saw different ways to carve out books and different techniques using clay relief. With these ideas I decided to create something that could bring a story to life so I used the story from the movie Up.With this I believe I am a level 2 - An attempt has been made to use original ideas that is somewhat unsuccessful, low level changes are made. I used original ideas but due to the fact I had never used certain techniques and there was no previous work done like my project that i could go off of, I ran into some problems. Throughout my project I often asked my classmates for feedback for things i could add to accomplish the idea I was going for. Ms. Sudkamp as well as my table mates helped me understand certain things that could be added like texture and how to carve the book like i wanted to achieve the "holder" idea i was trying to make. With this, I would say I am at a level 3 as an artist who collaborates actively. Overall i enjoyed creating this project getting to use different mediums and ideas.  


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